Prima riunione dei soci fondatori

Ott 9th, 2009 | di | Categoria: Notizie dalla Fondazione

Si è svolta il 6 Ottobre 2009 a Roma la prima riunione dei Soci Fondatori.




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  1. Dear Anita and Francesco:
    It is the 1st of January, 2010 and I have had the privilege of a wonderful few days with both of you in Rome.
    Thank you so much. Per our lunch in Tivoli today, Anita, you’ve given me this web site to explore – which have just done and am doing.
    I respect that you may at the beginning of your journey into cyberspace with this site on the www, but I have many thoughts about it and, in the meantime, will email you about some of them for your interest and information.
    In the meantime, I am searching how I can “join” and am a bit lost in that regard.
    I look forrward to your response…
    Best wishes,
    Wolfgang Richter

  2. quello che stavo cercando, grazie